Why should you care about Windows CShell?


First, a little education on What is Windows Shell?

In simplest terms, when you turn on your PC and what you see is the ultimate Window with desktop, taskbar below, a recycle been button, Files Explorer, etc is what Windows Shell allows you to access. It’s the ultimate Window below all the Windows you may open.

Now, What is Windows CShell? What is Windows Shell that is being used in the current version of the windows? And as a normal user, without being expert at coding stuff, why should you care about this update?

Because, CShell will allow you to use Windows on almost every screen and devices.

Wait. Isn’t Windows on every screen sizes already?

Yes. You can see Windows on mobile, tablets and PCs. But, it’s not quite the right approach. It’s is essentially trimmed down version of the windows.

With Windows CShell, you will be able to access all the regular PC features like accessing files, task bar, task switching, Start Button, etc everywhere much faster and fluently.

Windows CShell, Lumia, Windows 10
Image Source: insidersarena.com

In theory. Microsoft isn’t going to cram a start button into a smartphone. It’s is unnecessary.

But, Windows CShell’s benefits is a universal platform for all the Windows devices that will be able to communicate with each other must faster, easier and more efficiently. That means, as an end user, you will see much less problems, stuttering, lagging or other known Windows issues. As an end user, you will gain a much smoother, polished and better experience that will make you love Windows and never go to other OSs. At least, that’s what the Microsoft engineers are hoping for.

Windows CShell in a nutshell is a big geeky update that the everyday user won’t notice much, but they will notice it as an improved experience across Windows devices.

That’s good for both, Microsoft and its users.