WhatsApp to integrate In App YouTube Playback feature


Billion user app WhatsApp contentiously deliver more and more exciting features. A while ago company added “pin chat”, albums, filters and stories in the app. And much excited feature revoke message and callback are on the way.

Meanwhile we are hearing that the WhatsApp to integrate another exciting feature called “In App YouTube Playback”. As the name suggest this feature will allow users to play YouTube videos directly in the app those are shared within the application. No need to open browser or YouTube app. As you can see in the image below this feature use the picture in picture window interface.

Image Source: wabetainfo.com

However there is no official words from the company yet. But they are testing this feature internally. And it will soon make it’s way to the users. As wabetainfo pointed out they spotted this feature only on the  iOS 9 for iPad only in the latest beta update which is 2.17.40. They also pointed out that the this update has a lot of hidden features which also includes this “In App YouTube Playback”.

User can also resize the floating window using pinch to zoom. This feature is still under development, and actually it’s not possible yet to keep active the video if you change the chat; since the picture and picture window will disappear. And since this feature require larger window it will only be available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

There’s no news about this feature for Android and Windows Phone users. The feature should come to the mainstream version of the app very come soon. Stay tuned to Insiders Arena for more updates.