The UWP Community Toolkit updated with Fluent Design and more


Microsoft updated Universal Windows Platform Toolkit to version 2.0 with tons of new features. This Toolkit has released over a year ago, and since then they have updated with many large updates. But this is the major update to Toolkit.

With the latest update Microsoft made significance improvement with the Fluent design element. Developers will be able to do a lot more with the toolkit and integration of Fluent Design elements became so easy.

Image Source: Microsoft Build 2017 Event

In case if you missed it Microsoft introduced their new design system aka MSDL2 (internally Project NEON), aka Fluent Design Element. With latest update sample app for the toolkit has also been updated with notable touch of Fluent Design elements. Sample app takes full advantage of the new foundational elements to demonstrate all the possibility. Basically it gives an idea how developer will integrate toolkit to the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform app.

The biggest feature in this update is that developers can now edit XAML directly in the sample app and view the result side by side. This is a very exciting feature that allows developers to get started with development by simply downloading the app.

Furthermore, the sample app has updated to use an improved and redesigned navigation model. Any developers need to click on the top side for new navigation menu and it’s too much easier to get the sample. This update also includes 2 new cross-platform development packages: Microsoft.Toolkit and Microsoft.Toolkit.Services.

Integrating more Fluent Design elements in UWP Community Toolkit will gear up the app development process and developers can focus more on implementing features rather than focusing on design part. There are many other features coming with upcoming UWP Community Toolkit update, you can also get the detailed information from here. And you can download the sample app from the Windows Store from here.