There will be an “Ultimate Mobile Device” for Windows 10 ARM

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At WinHEC 2016, Microsoft partnered with Qualcomm to bring the entire Windows 10 experience on Mobile chip (Windows 10 ARM). Windows 10 Mobile users expected that the update will be available for at least high-end premium Windows 10 Mobile devices such as Lumia 950, 950 XL and HP Elite X3. But so far that thing will never gonna happen.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore confirmed that the none of the existing Windows 10 Mobile will get Windows 10 ARM update! In case if you don’t know Windows 10 on ARM will enable the full PC experience on mobile device along with long battery life. Furthermore, Joe also talked about the investment and efforts company putting in this new product.

Bringing Windows 10 on ARM would require significant changes to the OS not just in the core but also in the user-interface and more. And that’s why company already started working on CShell or Composable Shell. With CShell update, Continuum is getting a lot of much-needed upgrades. However these changes are not visible those are in the core part of the OS and performance of it. Basically CShell will replace the existing shell in windows and new adaptive shell will have an ability to stretch on different screen sizes easily. It will work across all Windows 10 devices including Mobile, tablets, Xbox and even HoloLens.

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Windows 10 ARM is the future of Windows 10 Mobile.

so, with the CShell the fill PC experience would make a lot more sense on Continuum device. That’s why company is investing more and more in Project Islandwood, Project Centennial to bring more and more Universal Windows Platform app to the Windows Store.

The bottom line is Windows 10 ARM will require a high-end premium device. Earlier we’ve seen some prototypes and patents of upcoming mobile devices. They are testing 3D Touch technology from the McLaren phone with an aluminum body. And they also registered a patent for the fordable device.

So judging all of this and CEO Satya Nadella’s “Ultimate Mobile Device” vision we can confirm that Microsoft working on enthralling things for upcoming smartphone. Even Windows Insider Program head Dona Sarkar already revealed that “5-6 inch of screen isn’t the future of Mobile technology”.

Windows 10 ARM device will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors which is expected to launch later this year. Microsoft has a lot in the pipeline for Windows 10 over the next 12 months, with Redstone 4 seemingly turning out to be a pretty big update for Windows 10, Windows 10 ARM and Xbox One. Are you excited to see ARM processor Window 10 device? Is Lumia still your primary device? (Yes for me!) Let us know in a comment below.