There will be “Windows 10” on “Mobile” after all

"This is the Ultimate Mobile Device."


Since Microsoft stopped the production of Lumia last year the future of Windows 10 Mobile is quite popular topic among fans and critics. Later on in April 2017, when Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update to only 13 eligible devices and put development under featureless feature2 branch, things got worst and worst with windows 10 mobile.

There maybe number of reasons why Microsoft separated Windows 10 Mobile development. Maybe Windows 10 Mobile development is no longer require for company’s upcoming mobile device. Many internal reports suggest that company is working on an OS called Andromeda; a special version of Windows 10. So called Andromeda OS is aimed to run Windows 10 better on smaller screens. It will be modular enough to run on any form factor.

This special version of Windows 10 will bring new Composable Shell or CShell. The goal of the CShell is to bring an adaptive, scalable UI across the devices, including PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox and HoloLens. CShell is the new Windows Shell that will eventually replace the existing Windows Shell. We’ll see first glimpse of it with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

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Basically this CShell delivers same experience across all devices. Well, as we reported earlier Microsoft will drop support for the Silverlight app. And now we have confirmation that Silverlight apps won’t run on CShell. Wait! What will happen to one of the most popular messaging app on the planet, WhatsApp? Well, truth is, for the next attempts at mobile market, company have to drop support for Silverlight app, while on other hand, WhatsApp has no plans to bring UWP app.

What will happen to existing Windows 10 Mobile devices?

Take a note that none of the existing Windows 10 Mobile will receive this update. Not even Lumia 950, 950 XL, HP Elite x3. There will be an “ultimate mobile device” for it. Though, Microsoft will continue support for existing Windows Phone till mid 2018. But it won’t receive any notable new feature rather than bug fixes, improvement and security patches.

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In other words, it’s official that Windows 10 Mobile will die with feature2 branch. Now Microsoft no longer requires a special version for mobile, that means Windows 10 Mobile is now spare. And that could be the reason why there is no Skip ahead branch option for Windows 10 Mobile devices, because there is no development for it.

So the bottom line is Microsoft will launch a new Windows Phone which will be powered by Windows 10.

Microsoft is planning for radical changes. First selling the Nokia brand, now killing off the Windows Phone, in a way…and then creating a whole new mobile product hoping that it will be the next iPhone for them. In my opinion, if they receive even the tenth part of the success the iPhone has received, Microsoft should consider it a success. Otherwise, Apple and Android are already there with a competition tough enough to not let a new entrant enter the market without a radical approach that both of the former can’t adopt fast enough.

But, that doesn’t seem likely to happen. Not in the near future. Although, I would love to see Panos Panay saying “This is the Ultimate mobile device”. Do you?