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WhatsApp Beta app receives an exciting feature for Windows Phone

WhatsApp has released an update for the WhatsApp Beta app for Windows Phone devices. The update finally includes message revoke functionality.

WhatsApp Beta receives minor changes for Windows Phone. But…?

WhatsApp has released a new update to the WhatsApp Beta app with general fixes and performance improvements for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.

WhatsApp to integrate In App YouTube Playback feature

The latest WhatsApp beta update for iOS devices bring many hidden feature including "In App YouTube Playback feature".

WhatsApp Beta app updated with new features for Windows Phone

Latest WhatsApp beta update now allow users to select multiple chats/group at once and pin/unpin them, mute/unmute them or archive them at once.

WhatsApp Beta updated with Pinned Contact feature for Windows Phone

A billion user app WhatsApp to finally get pinned contact feature for Windows Phone. The company rolled out an update to the WhatsApp beta app...

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