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Microsoft could be bringing Microsoft Edge to Android and iOS

In order to deliver more connected experience, it is possible that the Microsoft could bring Microsoft Edge to Android and iOS.

Outlook app for Android gets Add-ins

Microsoft rolling out an update to Outlook Android app. The update bring add-ins for Outlook.com and Office 365 commercial email account users.

LinkedIn introduces native video sharing feature

LinkedIn has officially announced native video support. User can upload a video through LinkedIn mobile apps or via web interface that run up to 10 minutes.

Skype gets crucial updates for iPhone

Skype gets crucial updates for iPhone. Update brings back old status feature, Dates in chat, Improved sign in and more.

Intelligent image search now available in Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos app updated with Intelligent image search for Windows Insider in the release preview ring.

Telegram app receiving major update on all platform

Telegram app has updated with some new features on Windows Store, App Store and Play Store.

Microsoft Translator app updated for iOS devices

Microsoft Translator updated for iOS devices including (Apple Watch). The update includes significant improvement in offline translation and more.

WhatsApp to integrate In App YouTube Playback feature

The latest WhatsApp beta update for iOS devices bring many hidden feature including "In App YouTube Playback feature".

Microsoft Outlook app updated for Android and iOS

Microsoft has released the newly redesigned version of Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android users. Outlook has already updated with some new features in last month....

Twitter to deliver more control over the notifications

Twitter to deliver more advance filters to users to get control over the notifications in order to avoid spam and abuse users.

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