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Microsoft introduces Always Connected PC aka Windows 10 ARM

Windows 10 Always Connected PC will deliver long battery life, instantly on, always connected, better security and the build in LTE technology.

Asus introduces their own Windows Mixed Reality headset

At IFA 2017 company introduces "ASUS Windows Mixed Reality headset". 3D Polygon shell design distributes headset's 400 gram weight across forehead.

Microsoft to announce new hybrid Windows Mixed Reality game soon

Microsoft just announced their plans for the Windows Mixed Reality ecosystem. Along with the new Mixed Reality hardware Microsoft reveal that they are working...

HP to give up on Windows Phone, Elite x3 successor will...

HP Elite x3 successor won't have Windows 10 Mobile. As Microsoft doomed Windows 10 Mobile, it makes no sense for any OEMs to build a new Windows Phone.

2 new Windows 10 mixed reality apps shows up in Windows...

2 new Windows 10 mixed reality apps from HP and Acer shows up in Windows Store.

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