Surface Software Repair Tool now available in Windows Store


In an effort to deliver the best and easy way to resolve any problem with the Surface device, Microsoft brought the Surface Repair Tool to the Windows Store. The surface repair tool was available as the win32 bit app from the Microsoft website and now finally it made it’s way to Windows Store.

Here it’s worth to mention that the company used the Project Centennial to bring the app to the Windows Store. In case if you don’t know Project Centennial helps developer to port the win32 bit app/software to the Universal Windows Platform app. The project often known as the Windows Desktop Bridge. Furthermore it also helps developer to publish the app on Windows Store.

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Talking about the Surface Software Repair tool then it help surface users to resolve many common issues and errors. The app is so easy to use and it doesn’t require any advance computer knowledge. As per the description appeared on the Windows Store the new UWP app will not resolve all software related issues on surface devices.¬†However, if you’re experiencing a software problem on your device, you can always use Software Repair Tool as the first attempt to resolve.

One of the reason why company brought the surface repair tool to Windows Store is to help the Windows 10 S users; since win32 apps are not allowed on the platform. Which also suggests that Microsoft to bring Windows 10 S line up devices under Surface brand after the tremendous success and high demand of newly launched Surface Laptop.

Nowadays company promoting the Project Centennial and helping developers to bring the Universal Windows Platform app. Recently the Spotify made it’s way to Windows Store and as per the earlier announcement Apple’s iTunes is also coming to the Windows Store. You can download the new UWP app from here via Windows Store. Do you prefer the Universal Windows Platform app over the win32 app? Let us know in a comment below.