Surface Pro (2017) users experiencing backlight bleed issue


About a month ago at shanghai event in China, Microsoft launched a new device under the surface category. The Surface Pro 2017 is company’s next take on the Apple’s MacBook line product. The Surface Pro 2017 is a premium product and the power of Windows 10 and Surface Pen put it into the next level.

Couple of weeks ago so many users reported random shutdown of the device. But earlier this week Microsoft rolled out a firmware update to fix the issue. Meanwhile another issue popped up. More than 100 users are complaining about “backlight bleed” issue on the Surface Pro’s display. In case if you don’t know backlight bleed issue leaves spots of lighter areas on a dark or black background.

Image Source: Microsoft Community

As you can see in the image above, backlight bleed is leaking from the bottom edge of the screen. Many reports reveals that this issue appears to affect all Surface Pro 2017 models. In order to check your device press CTRL+ALT+DEL and check at the bottom of the screen. Microsoft hasn’t answered to any complain in Microsoft Support Forum. Furthermore, some users also posted same issues on Reddit. But so far no words from company.

Hopefully company acknowledge the issue soon and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Otherwise it may affect product’s market. Keep an eye on Microsoft support community for more update. We’ll also update this post as soon as we heard any update regarding the issue. Are you experiencing backlight bleed issue on your Surface Pro? Let us know in a comment below.