Spotify Universal Windows Platform app is on the way


So, after deciding to shut down the Groove Music steaming service, Microsoft officially partnered with Spotify to give flawless Music experience across the Windows 10 devices. And now rumors and reports are going around that Spotify is working on a whole new Universal Windows Platform app.

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Windows Store does have Spotify UWP app but it’s not build from scratch. They bring the desktop (win32 app) using Project Centennial. But in order to work this Project Centennial app on Windows Mixed reality a lot modifications are required. However company already launched UWP app for Xbox, which works pretty well. But it doesn’t include all functionalities compare to win32 app.

Since it is a UWP app, Spotify should also work on Windows Phones and Windows Mixed Reality headsets but the performance of it will not be satisfactory. Meanwhile Microsoft’s Alex Kipman has confirmed that “Spotify is also coming to HoloLens (Windows Mixed Reality headsets) and it would be a UWP app. The current Spotify app for Xbox One is actually based on UWP as it can be also installed on PCs but the app needs to be modified to run on Windows Mixed Reality.”

Spotify can make necessary changes to existing UWP app and bring it on Windows Mixed Reality but it will take time. And till that you look for alternative option such as Pandora and iHeartRadio. However there is no official words for when the app will be available for Mixed Reality platform. We will soon hear more information about it in upcoming week. Till that stay tune to Insiders Arena for more updates.