Skype updated with brand new technical screening feature


About couple of month ago Microsoft announced Skype app preview app for the non Windows 10 and mac users. The app includes whole new interface and works much better than the Universal Windows Platform Skype app.

Now, Microsoft is rolling out a new update with an exciting feature to Skype. The brand new feature for Skype is a code editor. The Code editor will enable users to do real-time coding with others during a call. This new brand Skype’s editor support several top most languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby.

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Code editor also includes syntax highlighting for all above mentioned programming languages. Furthermore, it will also display. This feature is specially designed for the online coding and technical interview. It is helpful to test candidate’s engineering and coding abilities.

In addition, this feature is not only helpful to interviewers but as well as help to other people who can write a simple program live with their colleges or friends. However Code editor is not available on Skype desktop yet. Users will only able to use the feature through Skype on the web (via Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge).

In case if you missed it the new Skype Preview offers a better UI and UX then existing Skype for desktop and UWP app. It is also available in 2 theme: Dark and Light. Furthermore, it also features @mentions, New chat media gallery, Enhanced group calls and more. Company will soon bring this real-time coding editor feature to the desktop app.

Checkout more information about this feature from here. And Stay tune to Insiders Arena for more update.