Skype finally gets view GIFs in app support for Windows 10 Mobile


While Microsoft to retire Skype on Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Messaging app for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows RT or a TV after July 1st, meanwhile they rolled out a new update to the Universal Windows Platform Skype app.

The latest update bring couple of new features, general bug fixes and improvements. With the updated version of Skype for Windows 10 Mobile user can view and send GIFs right from the app. Actually the use user already had ability to do that but GIFs are displayed just as images, they are not lopping at all. But not any more.

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The update also bring some fixes and they also added a link to ease of access settings in chat for the narration of Instant Chat Messages. In case if you missed it company is planning to turn Skype into a new social media platform. The new Skype app will bring lots of new features such as stories and enhancement over the current version of the Skype. And which leads us that weather or not the app still support the SMS feature in future or not.

Maybe company is planning something bigger and better for Windows 10 Mobile users and fans which is yet to reveal. Well of course it could be the CShell and One Windows. We will soon hear more details about it from the company. Till that download the latest update of Skype and let us know in a comment below if you find any notable new feature or improvement in the update.