Skip Ahead option is no longer available in Windows 10

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Couple of week ago Microsoft decided to allow Fast Ring insiders get the early access of Redstone 4 builds by introducing a new branch. But now it is no longer available. It looks like the Skip Ahead Insider program reached it’s capacity.

Yes, Microsoft is no longer accepting new participants in the Skip Ahead Insider Ring. This means that Insiders who didn’t selected the skip ahead won’t be able to do so. In case if you don’t know then Windows Insider in the Skip Ahead ring will allow insiders to get the early builds of next version of Windows 10 codenamed Redstone 4.

Insider who haven’t selected the skip ahead won’t get builds from the Redstone 4 until they finalize the Fall Creators Update. Later on company will merge both branch by rolling out an update to the all Fast Ring insiders, whether they selected skip ahead or not.

So from now on Windows Insider in RS_PRERELEASE branch will receive update for new build and inbox app update from Windows 10 Redstone 4 development while RS3_RELEASE will only receive builds with fixes and improvements from Redstone 3. RS_PRERELEASE will be less stable and will include lots of bugs, So it is recommended to not to install these update on your primary device.

Now that company lock up the skip ahead branch it is possible that they can roll out the update for them from Redstone 4 branch in upcoming week. If skip ahead option was open to all windows insiders company might lose insiders from the Fall Creators Update branch and might not receive much feedback which could affect the build quality. That’s the reason why it was limited to fast ring insider for the limited time. So, did you make it to skip ahead branch?