Redesigned Skype Android app is rolling out to Insiders


Microsoft is rolling out a new update to Skype Preview for Android users. Apart from general bug fixes and improvements latest update includes major design improvements. Update also bring back that bottom bar to streamline navigation which they removed couple of weeks ago.

Earlier Microsoft experimented new design with iOS users and now they are doing same with the Android users. Microsoft explains, “users are looking for the consistent design across the apps on their device”. So they added few Google’s Material design elements in bottom navigation bar.

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Microsoft also working very hard to bring new experience called “SuperComposer”. Basically SuperComposer experience will maximize an outcome of your interest. So when you compose a new message you will see our recent contact list, suggestions, search bots, add contact, invite to Skype, make a call, new groups, and more quick actions.

SuperComposer experience is also coming for the iOS devices in upcoming week. Furthermore, they also updated header and search icon. The new utilitarian Skype experience is really looks fantastic. Apart from that the app also updated with bug fixes and general improvement.

There is so much things going on with Skype. Not only for Android and iOS app but also with the Windows 10 UWP app. Microsoft committed that they will deliver redesigned app which will have Highlights and consistent experience across the device. But so far “no news to share at this moment” is we got from company. Till that go ahead and update the app from Google Play Store and let us know in comment below if you find anything interesting in this update.

Source: Microsoft