This could be the Patent of Microsoft’s “Ultimate Mobile Device”


We all know that the Windows 10 Mobile is not in the good condition, both OS and Hardware. Event Microsoft accepted it. But deep down every Windows Phone users and fan still have a tiny little hope which let them stick to the Windows platform.

A while ago in an interview CEO Satya Nandella explained the company’s Ultimate Mobile Device vision. And now from nowhere all of a sudden a patent registered from the Microsoft come in light which shows a small sized hinged device. (Fingers crossed). As per the images added in the patent a hinged device that can be folded in a hand-held smartphone-like. And when it expand to reveal the second display making it look like a Tablet.

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As per the previous rumors which stats that the Microsoft was working on dual screen display device. And that thing completely fits here. But we are not so sure about how company is planning to use the secondary display; weather it could be a touch keyboard, or secondary window or something else.

Maybe this could be the device that fulfill Satya Nandell’s the Ultimate Mobile device vision. If so┬áit is possible that the Microsoft launch it at the end of this year or early next year. And company’s partnership with Qualcomm to bring Windows 10 on ARM devices and such device have an ability to run win32 apps could arrive with this device. Though, it’s not clear that what company is this device. Surface Phone Tablet? Eh? no no no.

Are you still using Windows Phone as your primary device? I am. (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary also.) What you think about this new patent? Let us know in a comment below. Stay tune to Insiders Arena for more updates.

Source: Patentscope