Paint 3D app updated with new features and improvements


Microsoft rolling out a major update to Paint 3D app for all Windows 10 users. The latest update bring some new exciting features, general improvements along with some bug fixes.

With the latest update they integrated ability to create 3D objects from scratch or transform user-generated content available on the company’s Remix 3D community. In addition they also expanded Remix 3D community. It is now available in more regions including Brazil, Germany, Japan, and France.

One of the cool new feature in this update is Magic Select. Magic Select tool allows users to easily crop the background of any picture. Users can turn their magic selections into stickers and also stamp them onto 3D objects. In other words an ability turn the flat picture into a sticker or wrap it onto a 3D object also arrived.

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New Line and Curve tool adopted from the original version Paint app. With this tool you can create different shapes with different thickness and opacity. And the Curve tools lets users to add up to three inflection points on a line. Last but not least, Paint 3D also now supports a new industry-wide open standard for 3D file sharing called GLB.

All of this new feature should make 3D file sharing more user-friendly and more creative. You can download or update Paint 3D app from here via Windows Store. And stay tuned to Insiders Arena for more updates.