OneDrive’s Scan feature enhanced with new ability


Microsoft rolling out a new update to the OneDrive app for the Android devices. Apart from the general bug fixes and performance improvement latest bring couple of new features to the app. OneDrive scanner feature enhanced with new ability.

Microsoft implemented one of the core feature of Office Lens in OneDrive. Yes, they added ability to crop photos automatically. OneDrive scanner now automatically recognizes the corners of a document, whiteboard, electronic screen or any rectangular media and automatically crops, straightens, enhances and cleans up the image. Take a note, this feature will only work if you capture photo from the OneDrive itself.

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Furthermore, they also enhanced the Photo viewer with some performance improvements. Company claims that viewing photos on OneDrive now become faster than ever before. Apart from that there is no notable changes in the app, but we belive that there are some serious under-hood changes with this update.

OneDrive is one of the most popular app from Microsoft on Android. It also have Office mobile apps integration to stay productive. Some users were reported that it takes minutes to load the list of files and folders, but if they clear the data or reinstall the app app perform better. But now this issue has been fixed with latest update.

So far that’s all for this update. With latest update the app has been bumped to the version 4.15. You can get the latest update from here via Google Play Store on your Android device. And Stay tune to Insiders Arena for more updates.