OneDrive is expanding Version History feature; now available for all types of file


OneDrive has received a major update yesterday. The latest update bring significant changes along with couple of new features. One of the much waited feature Version history for all types of file now available.

With Version history feature the accidental edits or delete you can roll back / restore to the previous version of the file so easily. Version History supports all kinds of file including Word, php, PDF and more. Now company is adding more and more new productive features to the OneDrive.

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Here take a note that the OneDrive Version History feature only saves files for 30 days. In order to restore previous version of the file all you have to do is right click on file and then choose Version history from menu as shown above. Then you will see the number of version saved files and you can restore any of them by clicking on Restore button.

Version History also allows you to compare version of the file. Along with Version history, they also improved overall experience of users. Previously, this version history was only supported to Office files but now it is also compatible with all types of files.

For time being this feature is only available on the OneDrive website. There are no words from company about when it will be available for the application. We’ll soon hear more information about it in upcoming weeks. And since this is the phased roll out so you might not see this option right away. But it will be available to all users by end of Summer.