OneDrive gets new look for Android devices


Android’s OneDrive with fresh look

Microsoft is now pushing out a new major update for OneDrive on Android devices. But, this update is only available to selected users and expecting to roll out for everyone coming soon. This new updated Android OneDrive app looks better than the iOS version.

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The company has introduced the hamburger menu in all apps for Windows 10. On the contrary, today this hamburger menu is no longer available on Android’s OneDrive app. Instead of this, the company introduced new interface called “tabbed bar for navigation” on the bottom, similar to iOS apps and OneDrive for iOS. Microsoft changed all the different parts of the OneDrive app; they look slightly different from the old one design.

The new system gives you an instant access all the files that are available offline. There is also a new ‘Me’ section within this app. This section shows the availability of storage, OneDrive recycle bin, notifications, settings and more. You can easily switch different accounts to click on the profile picture on the header section.

However, Microsoft seems to be testing it with selected users. The company is trying to improve OneDrive on Android devices.  The company will make sure that this update will available to everyone come soon. You can also download the OneDrive app for Android from here.