Official Trello app now available in Windows Store


Trello released their Official Universal Windows Platform app for Windows 10 devices. In case if you don’t know Trello is web-based project management application. Trello offers various tools to control your on going project flow.

It is the primary choice for so many organizations to control the project management and to complete the task. So many companies are using it from a long time. And now company finally launch the UWP app. The app offers same interface and include all the features available in web app.

Trello CEO Michael Pryor stated: “The desktop app has been on our road map and something we’ve wanted to do, but as a scrappy startup we couldn’t do everything at once so we decided to focus on making our mobile and web experiences great for our users.”

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Trello app also include all latest features such as ability to embed cards directly into Bitbucket, Microsoft Teams. This feature comes along with related card view for attached cards which show details like due date, board and list status and much more.

Trello provides various features and tons of services. Almost all basic service is provided free of charge, though company also launched special Business Class section which includes paid service. Though, Trello desktop app is just web wrapper. And it looks like company used Project Centennial (Windows Desktop bridge) to launch UWP app.

Company confirmed that service has now reached 25 million users and they are expecting that this figure could increase with the release of the launch of this app. However Windows Store already had a third party UWP app for Trello named “Aboards for Trello“. But it didn’t attracted much users.

You can download the official Trello app from here via Windows Store. Stay tuned to Insiders Arena for more updates.