Office desktop apps now available for all Windows 10 S devices

Office 365 Personal demo by Terry Myerson
Source: (via Build 2017)

About 4 months ago at an education focused event Microsoft announced Office desktop app for the Windows 10 S. At that time only one hardware was available for Windows 10 S which was Surface Laptop.

But now that company released the ISO for educators to test and few other Windows 10 S powered devices available in the market, Microsoft makes Office desktop apps available for all Windows 10 S devices.

Since Windows 10 S only allow users to install the apps from the Windows Store and that’s the reason why Microsoft bring Office apps to Windows Store. Earlier only Surface Laptops users were able to download Office apps from the Windows Store; but now it is available for every Windows 10 S devices.

Furthermore, in case if you missed it, Microsoft is also including 1 year of Office 365 Personal Subscription on Surface devices running Windows 10 S that ship during the preview period. Along with all Office apps suits customers can also enjoy 1TB of free storage on OneDrive.

User can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher from the Windows Store. Keep in mind that Outlook, Access and Publisher is not available in preview for Office 365 Education plans. While OneNote is already available for all Windows 10 S devices for free, it doesn’t require and subscription.

Well of course Office app from Windows Store does have a few differences from the regular Office desktop apps you download from Microsoft directly. These are 32-bit versions of the Office apps. Microsoft used Project Centennial also known as Windows Desktop Bridge in order to bring 32-bit version of apps to Windows Store.