No more silverlight apps? I can live with that!


As you all know that Microsoft to drop support for the Sliverlight apps with upcoming Windows 10 Mobile build. Actually they didn’t officially announced it yet, but remember that last week’s accidentally released build? On that build when you launch any silverlight app it notify you that this silverlight app will not work on this build.

In case if you don’t know what the silverlight app is then The classic Windows Phone apps are known as Silvelight app which was introduced with the Windows Phone 8 and inherited into Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. But with the all new Windows Continuum feature company introduced a whole new way to develop apps for the Windows 10 platform called Universal Windows Platform apps. And these apps works across all the Windows 10 devices and give similar experience.

One of the benefits of developing a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app in the Hosted Web App format is that developers can essentially repackage coding they’ve already written for web apps and use that work as a basis for their Windows 10 app. And that’s the vision of the One Core/One Windows for all platform.

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Several companies have taken advantage of this convenient app development method and released rather impressive apps on the Windows Store. Furthermore, in order to bring more and more Universal Windows apps to the Windows Store company invested in so many projects. They made bridge to port iOS app to the Windows Store (Project Islandwood), win32 software/app to Windows Store (Project Centennial), Android app to Windows Store (Project Astoria; which already ditched by company a while ago).

Well of course dropping support for the Silverlight app made so many apps useless. And if developer wants to continue their apps they must have to build a Universal Windows Apps. Otherwise it will be limited to the users who stuck on Anniversary update (not eligible Creators Update devices). At least the most popular app on planet WhatsApp have to bring the Universal Windows Platform otherwise things could have been messed up. But as per reports from our sources company have no plans to bring WhatsApp as the UWP app.

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Well no offence there could be a disaster if company dropped support for the silverlight apps for future release. But I am taking it as a positive. Maybe company is planning something bigger and better for users with Windows 10 on ARM which is yet to reveal. And to be honest this might be the good move that company is investing behind the Universal Windows Platform.

Lately we are hearing reports about the reboot of mobile business, and CEO Satya Nadela have a so called “Ultimate Mobile Device” vision. So maybe both the things are pointing us in same direction. Do you think dropping support for Silverlight app worth anything? How did you take this news? Let us know in a comment below.