New Skype Preview app available for Linux users


Couple of week ago, Microsoft introduced a whole new Skype Preview app for the non windows 10 and Mac users. This new Skype app is specially designed by targeting the desktop and take full advantage of the large screen.

New Skype Preview app is lot faster and way ahead smoother compare to current version of the Skype app for Linux users. It features a better UI and UX. It is also available in 2 theme: Dark and Light. Furthermore, it also features @mentions, New chat media gallery, Enhanced group calls and more.

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New Skype Preview app features neat and clean user interface, customizable gradient color and more. This refurbished version of Skype is way better than existing Skype app. However many notable feature such as screen sharing during call is not available in the app yet.

In case if you missed it Microsoft revamped the Skype and bring tons of new features and whole new design. The snapchat story like feature “Highlights” also included in app which is yet to available on desktop. However this new update (for mobile) doesn’t received very good response from users.

Since new Skype app is built with Electron; a popular cross platform desktop GUI framework; it delivers same interface across Windows 10, Mac and Linux. Previously, Skype Preview app was only available for Windows 10 November Update and lower, Windows 8, and Windows 7 and Mac users. However with a small trick you can install it on latest Windows 10 build. And now company officially bring it for Lunix users.

You can download new Skype Preview app for Linux from here. And let us know your experience in a comment below.