My People received significant improvement with Build 17063

My people flyout (Image source:

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17063 is rolling out to the Windows Insiders in the Skip Ahead ring. Build 17063 includes many new features and enhancement such as Timeline, new Cortana Notebook, significant improvement in Microsoft Edge and more.

Based on feedback, with Build 17063 Microsoft made many changes with My People. Based on your preference you can now finally rearrange the contacts using drag and drop. You can also drop of contacts out of the People flyout with the latest build.

Microsoft also expanded number of people to pin on taskbar. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update you can only pin up to 3 contacts on taskbar. But now they added a new settings which allow us to decide how many contacts we would like to see on taskbar (between 1 to 10). You can change the settings from Settings app > Personalization > Taskbar.

They also added an animation across the People icon to let you know when someone is pinned to the overflow list in the flyout. With Windows 10 FCU we are only receiving notifications from the Contacts we pinned on taskbar. But with build 17063 you can also receive emotive notifications from the people you pinned in People flyout.

Microsoft also added various fluent design elements in My People. You can find  acrylic, reveal, and light effects at various places. And finally they added ability to close the My People flyout. Yes close window option finally arrives.

Furthermore, developers can now integrate My People support into their apps. Microsoft is also working to increase app discoverability which will now suggest apps which supports My People. However you can turn this off from Settings app.