Movies & TV app now allows you to edit videos


Microsoft rolling out a new update to Movies and TV Universal Windows Platform app. Apart from general fixes and improvement the stock Windows 10 Movies & TV app now allows you to edit the videos. However the Photos app also allow similar edit interface and functionality.

Version 10.17102.1391.0 of Movies & TV app include this functionality. The update is not only rolling out to Windows Insiders but it is also available for the Production ring users. Now in order to edit the video first open it in Movies & TV app obviously. And then hit the pencil icon located at the bottom right corner.

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Instead of editing on same screen it will open a new window (instance) of Photos app and where you can edit the video. It provides several options such as Trimming, draw on video, create slow motion, take a snapshot from video etc. Well this is not the best way to do this. You can do same by opening video with Photos app.

This thing is completely unnecessary, don’t know for which reason they added it. To be honest Windows 10 have lack support for video editing. After discontinuing Movie Maker and introducing whole new Story Remix stuff. We just hope that Microsoft launch something comparative of Movie Maker or iMovies from Mac.

Meanwhile you can go ahead and download the Movies & TV app from here via Windows Store. And let us know in a comment below if you find anything interesting in this latest update.