Microsoft will no longer provide “Known Issues” in change-log for upcoming Insider builds

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After two long weeks, Microsoft finally released a new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16273 for the Windows Insider in the Fast Ring. Build 16273 bring couple of new enhancement and some notable bug fixes and improvements in Windows Shell and Microsoft Edge.

But have you noticed that Windows 10 Build 16273 change-log doesn’t include any “Known issues”? Actually, they did that purposely. From now on Microsoft will no longer provide “Known issues” with the change-log for upcoming Windows 10 Insider Preview builds. At least for upcoming Creators update build.

The main reason behind the company will not giving any change-log for the known issues is that the new insider builds roll out frequently. All upcoming builds for RS2_RELEASE branch will no longer includes the Known issues in change-log. Microsoft now focusing on to improve the stabilization of the OS and preparing the public roll out.

Furthermore, Senior program manager at Microsoft Brandon LeBlanc was confirmed that the general known issues change-log will be updated only if an issue would have a high impact on the devices.

To be honest not providing “known issues” with change-log isn’t really a big deal. Microsoft first internally test every build before they roll out for Fast ring insiders. And most of the Windows 10 Insider builds don’t include any major bugs. After all what would be point of Windows Insider Program? huh?