Microsoft Teams introducing a new classroom experiences


Earlier this month, Microsoft announced a whole new classroom experiences in Microsoft Teams. And now the experience is available for Office 365 education subscribers all over the world with 25 different languages.

Company explains Microsoft Teams is based on 4Cs those are classroom such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The new update bring so many new features and enhancements and provides bests learning environment to students. The new experiences enable rich conversations with text, video, and voice and give class themes, stickers, emojis and more.

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The eye catchy School Data Sync feature helps to maintain and update all the student details and populate classes from the school’s information database. With the Microsoft Teams in school, every class gets their own OneNote Notebook so teachers can share different content and planning lessons.

Furthermore the Office apps integration in the Microsoft Teams enhanced the ability and put it to the next level. User can directly access all Office 365 apps Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Planner and customize their classroom with education apps.

The company also makes Microsoft Teams suitable for classrooms with the built-in assignment management system. With the help of this feature, teachers will distribute assignments from Microsoft Teams and they can give feedback to students when they send the assignments on Teams.

If you are student and don’t have office 365 subscription then you can get it for free with the valid school email address. Stay tune to Insiders Arena for more updates.