Microsoft rolled out an update to the Outlook Mail and Calendar app for Windows 10 Insiders


Last weekend, Microsoft has rolled out new update for the Outlook Mail and Calendar app on Windows 10. Newly updated version of the app is now available to the Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring. This updated app has bumped out to version 17.8241.40785.0.

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The latest update brings a couple of new minor features for Outlook Mail and Calendar app. Furthermore it now allow users has able to automatically schedule a meeting time between a number of participants. Those participants would need to vote by proposing to agree on the time where time is set by automatically; otherwise, they will ask to agree on the last time.

This update also brings regular bug fixes and improvements compare to the older version of the app. As I stated earlier, these features are not available for every Windows users now.

If you are Windows Insider in the Fast Ring then you will see the update in the Windows Store. You can download or update your Outlook Mail and Calendar app from Windows Store here.