Microsoft to revamp with intelligent features and whole new design


Microsoft to revamp the experience with more AI powered features and new design. It’s been a while since company’s testing some cool features in internally. But, now they officially made an announced for new beta program fpr

New will bring a whole new design experience. The new design looks clean and neat. They are implementing a more responsive web development framework which will delivers an upgraded search feature. The framework will also improve the consistency of the web app across the platform. The update will also include much easier way to view attached files.

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With an intelligent quick search feature we can easily add information about restaurants, flights, hotels, or your favorite teams’ schedules to conversations. They also made a special section where we can find all send/received images. New interface will also include variety of new GIFs and emojis. web app will look like Outlook Mail app in Windows 10.

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Since Microsoft just started new beta program; so of course it is only going to be available to only few users for a moment. But eventually it will be available for everyone. You will see a “Try the beta” toggle popup which will include you to the beta program. But if you want to try new features right now you can visit this url ( instead of regular outlook email url and enjoy the new features. Please take a note that it will not include you to the beta program.

Last but not least company shouldn’t take long to make this update live for everyone; since the update mostly holds more front-end changes rather than back-end.