Microsoft has released Microsoft Flow app for Windows 10 Mobile


Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Flow app is now running on Windows 10 Mobile. The company released the beta version of the app in last April and over past 2 months; they have continuously working on improvements based on feedback.

Microsoft Flow app helps you create, monitor, and manage automated workflows between your web services, files, and cloud-based data.


The updated version of this app comes with some new features. It allows you to create new flows when you need them from anywhere in the world and trigger flows to run at the tap of a button. You can also manage and track of your flow with new sales leads.

You can also View and filter runs by notification and review detailed run history reports. Shared button feature will be available coming soon in this app that allows you to share your button flows with your team and colleagues to run.

You can download the latest version of Microsoft Flow app from here.