Microsoft to redesign Cortana Notebook interface in Windows 10


There are lots of stuff going on with Cortana lately. Last month we have seen some internal images of new Cortana flyout. Meanwhile we are hearing reports that Microsoft is working on to redesign Cortana Notebook interface for Windows 10 devices.

A new A/B testing will bring a whole new card based design for Cortana Notebook. New interface was initially spotted by a Windows Insider (via Reddit). However the new Cortana Notebook design not much different from current one. But it’s really looking better and gives a clear look.

Instead of showing everything on a single page, Basically Microsoft is now dividing the content in 2 different sections or tabs. Well this less confusing, I must say. You will see 2 tab named Organizer and Manage Skills. You will find all your to-do, reminders, notes and everything else in Organizer section. While Manage Skills section holds all Cortana related settings and related stuff.

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In addition it also includes 3rd party integrations like Music streaming service, LinkedIn, Uber as well as Office 365 under Connection settings. Option to order food and track fitness also shown in Screenshot, which might indicate that more 3rd party integration is coming to Cortana.

It is possible that Microsoft may never release this redesigned interface to everyone since they are working on a whole new Cortana flyout experience. In case if you missed it Cortana’s new flyout experience much more like macOS’ Spotlight search feature. We are expecting that this revamped interface will arrive with next major Windows 10 feature update aka Redstone 4.

New Cortana Notebook interface is similar to the Cortana on Android and iOS. Maybe is company is trying to deliver consistent experience across the platform. However as of now no official words from Microsoft. What you think about this new Cortana interface? Let us know in a comment below.