Microsoft Photos app receives a major update for Windows 10


Microsoft has released a new update to the Microsoft Photos app for Windows 10 Creators update devices. The latest update brings couple of new features and several new improvements for Windows 10 Creators update users.

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New update brings many significant features such as video editing, better sharing and searching throw the collection. You can now search the photos directly from the app by theme or content. For example, if you want to search for food, you will get the photos related to food from the Photos app.

Furthermore, one of the cool features is the new video editing tool. You can able to create a video from your photos, which Microsoft calls a new form of story telling. You can also able to create memories of your photos and videos. The app is using Microsoft’s Graph service to automatically create memories using your photos and videos. You can share these memories as a video with cinematic transitions, soundtrack and the best theme.

In addition, there is many advanced features come with the latest Photos app. The app will let users insert 3D objects into their photos and videos, which they can share in memory. Users can select a star for their memory and it will automatically focus them in a video and follow them in the edited memory. If you are Windows 10 users, you can download or update your Microsoft Photos app from here.