Microsoft officially announces the Project NEON


At second day of Build 2017, with the announcement of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft also announces the next design language the MSDN2 aka Project NEON. Project NEON is all about the animations and UI changes rather than just improving typos.

Project NEON has been in the works for over a year internally at Microsoft. It builds upon the design language introduced with Windows 10, with its simple and clean interfaces, but adds some much-needed flair to the UI that the current design language just lacks. Microsoft plans to do is make a design language which just works, across all devices, and offers a similar experience. This includes the PC, Mobile and specially the HoloLens.

Talking about the Developers will then they will have an option to add new design language elements if they wish. Microsoft also wants to clean up the so-called inconsistencies that MDL2 possesses.

In case if you don’t know Microsoft already starting implementing Project NEON effects in various apps including Calculator, Groove Music, Movies and TV and more. And Windows Insider already enjoying this feature. Microsoft referring this new design system as Microsoft Fluent Design System.

The Microsoft Fluent Design System aka the Project NEON will be available with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Stay tune to Insiders Arena for more updates.