Microsoft has a separate Cortana app for Samsung Android devices


Cortana has been officially available on Android and iphone devices, but the firm might be developing a new version of an optimized version of Cortana Samsung devices — or not, it’s complicated.

The app is already listed on the Google Play Store as Cortana for Samsung (Unreleased), but it’s available for anyone to download and install. Since the Microsoft selling the special edition of the Galaxy S8 in Microsoft Store, so they might be planning to bring this app as pre-installed. However, there is no feature difference between this app and the current Cortana app available on Android devices.

The app’s description is identical to the latest android app version of which is 2.7.0, which includes more color customization and among other new features.

Cortana for Samsung also appears functionally identical to the version intended for all other Android devices; indeed, the Samsung version can be installed on other devices with no obvious difference in functionality.

So, maybe Samsung and Microsoft have some internal deal which allow Microsoft to add pre-install app including Cortana. Additionally Samsung’s phones already ship with Bixby and Google Assistant out of the box both wired in hardware and software respectively.

Maybe company will reveal some big thing about it Build 2017 which is scheduled for May 10, 2017 (Tomorrow). And you can get the Cortana for Samsung (Unreleased) version via Google Play Store from here.