Microsoft Edge for Android and iPhones comes out of beta


About couple of months ago, Microsoft launched Microsoft Edge preview for Android and iOS. However, the preview app was available for everyone on Android device, but on iOS it was limited to only few beta users. Today, company announced that Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS comes out of beta.

Microsoft Edge delivers clean and familiar experience on mobile device. It includes all general features including Favorites, Reading List, Reading view, Book marks and more. It is advance enough to sync your passwords across the Windows 10 PC and mobile. One of the highlighted feature of Edge is continue on PC which allow users to instantly open any webpage from phone to PC.

Image source: (via YouTube)

In case if you missed it, with latest update for iOS and Android company introduced dark theme mode and optimized the performance. Support for actions and activities extensions, such as sharing sites, saving sites to Notes, adding sites to Pocket also available.

For time being, Microsoft Edge for iOS is only available in US, China, France and UK. While Edge for Android is only available in US, Australia, Canada, China, France, India and UK. Though company promised that they will expand the market and language over the time.

In an announcement Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore (Corporate Vice President, Windows and Devices) stated that “We have a long list of new features to build and improvements to make.” Bringing Edge browser on Android and iOS is part of the providing continuous browsing experience from your mobile device to your Windows 10 PC. Download Edge on Android from here and on iPhone from here.