Microsoft dropped support for the Bing Rewards app on Windows Phone


Another set back for Windows Phone users. Microsoft itself dropping support for one of the apps on Windows Phone. Microsoft dropped support for the Bing Rewards app for the Windows Phone users.

The app allows users to manage their account, earn and redeem credits, enter any sweepstakes and find different ways to earn every day. When user launch the official Bing Rewards app on Windows Phone they are seeing a headline “TIME FOR CHANGE” with a message saying “We’re ending support for this app in May, but you can keep earning!”.

However, take a note that the user will able to use the app and they also redeem rewards and all, but the app will no more gets any update. Since August 2016, the app hasn’t been updated. Well, as we know that the Bing Rewards only available for the US (recently in UK) region so of course very small community using this app.

But now that Microsoft has made the decision to end support for the app. However user can use same features and functionality via web browser on Windows Phone to earn points and redeem rewards.

Earlier this week Yahoo decided to end support for their Mail app on Windows Phone and now Bing Reward. All this thing just make Windows Phone users to switch platform. Is Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile still your primary device?