Microsoft to drop support for Silverlight apps on Windows 10 Mobile


There is no offence in Windows 10 Mobile is going through worst time. Even partners already accepted it. But CEO Satya Nadela’s Ultimate Mobile Device vision and company’s commitment for the platform is making fans and users more excited to see what come out next.

But now we are hearing reports that Microsoft to soon going to drop support for the Silverlight apps on the Windows 10 Mobile. In case if you don’t know the classic Windows Phone apps are known as Silvelight app. And those will no longer work upcoming Windows 10 Mobile builds.

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As per the latest reports company already removed the support for the Slivelight apps from the internal builds of Windows 10 Mobile. If you launch such app you will see a warning message “Silverlight apps are no longer supported on this version of Windows.” Though, the message didn’t reveal the build number but we are assuming that in upcoming 2-3 builds of Windows 10 Mobile will remove this support.

Well hundreds of apps from Windows Store are built upon the Silverlight, e.g. WhatsApp, many popular games and more. If Microsoft thinking about to drop support for the Silverlight apps then you can imagine the disaster.


Maybe company is planning something bigger and better for users with Windows 10 on ARM which is yet to reveal. And to be honest this might be the good move that company is investing behind the Universal Windows Platform. Maybe that latest reboot Mobile business which recently become the part of horrifying news from Microsoft, and this dropping support for Silverlight app and CEO’s Mobile vision pointing us in same direction. What you think about it? Let us know in a comment below.