Microsoft to discontinue login via Facebook in Skype


After refurbishing the entire Skype experience and bringing a new desktop app for all platform Microsoft taking an interesting step now. Microsoft decided to discontinue login via Facebook functionality from Skype.

Company will officially disable this feature in early January 2018. You will no longer be able to login to the messaging platform using this authentication method. However in case if you missed it, Microsoft already removed this functionality from the modern Skype apps including desktop and mobile versions. You must need an Microsoft Account now.

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Of course this is a surprising move but I was expecting it sooner. Since all under one hood thing is going on with Microsoft Teams and Skype for business along with Office Online, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive. This whole streamline login move was expected to come with Fall Creators Update.

Of course, user who are using login via Facebook will be able to transfer their contacts, Skype Credit, Skype number as well a the subscription balance from Facebook account to any new or an existing Microsoft Account. In order to do so, Microsoft released a tool to handle this transfer. Furthermore, toll also help user to transfer the chat and call history.

Regular Skype users won;t be affected by this move since they already upgraded to new version of app. But still some old user with old device might find this disappointing. Are you still using login via Facebook functionality in Skype?