Microsoft delays Full Guest Access for Microsoft Teams


Earlier this year, Microsoft announced Guest Access feature for Teams. Later on in June 2017, Microsoft delayed this features until September. In September 2017, Microsoft rolled out this feature to only Office 365 and Education customers.

However, the functionality wasn’t fully implemented. Only user with Azure Active Directory accounts can be added as guests. During this announcement company confirmed that support for everyone with Microsoft Account would be available in upcoming week. But so far no update regarding it.

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But yesterday, Suphatra Rufo (Engineer from Microsoft Teams) reveal that they are working on this feature for a long time. She explained “…this is our top priority! It is just a very difficult feature for us to implement as it requires work from multiple engineering groups across the company…“.

In case if you don’t know Guest Access feature will allow admin to gives an access to users who are not part of the organization. A guest will also able to communicate and interact with organization in different way. In addition, these guests will be able to join meetings, take calls and collaborate on documents shared within a team.

Furthermore, the latest update to Microsoft Teams bring several new features including leave chat, Mac conditional access, usage reporting, managing Teams via PowerShell, hide chat, likes in chat, Improved settings and notifications and more. You can find more detailed information about it from here.

As reported by ZDnet, full Guest Access feature in Microsoft Teams wouldn’t be available until 2018. While the competitor Slack already offering same functionality. Recently, Microsoft replaced Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams. However the transition isn’t fully completed, here’s the road of it.