Microsoft could be bringing Microsoft Edge to Android and iOS

Long shot but worth it!


While Microsoft busy in finalizing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update we are hearing a big news about Windows 10 default browser. Microsoft Edge could make it’s way to Android and iOS in near future.

Upcoming Windows 10 major update is bringing connected experiences for Android and iOS users. New experience allow users to easily transfer their work between their smartphone and Windows 10 PC. Since, Microsoft Edge is not available for the Android and iOS things are getting harder to improve and expand the connected experience for company.

But not anymore, we are hearing reports that the company could be bringing Edge to Android and iOS in near future. No offence that the company have to work very harder to make and maintain a cross-platform compatible browser. But by doing so there will be tons of new possibilities and productive features they can bring it to both Windows 10 PC and cross-platform browser.

Back in May 2015, Microsoft stated that the “there is no plan for Edge cross-platform”. But now, after 2 years things could have been changed. Compare to other browser, Microsoft Edge has a modern design interface and Cortana integration. IT is so handy and user-friendly even other company is adopting the UI of it. (you know what I am talking about.)

But still Microsoft Edge is not popular compare to other. Company is luring more users by bringing many productive and cool functionality in it such as drawing on PDF, personal digital assignment Cortana and more.

So, the bottom line is bring Edge to iOS and Android will not be easy for Microsoft it will require lots of work. But this is just a tip of the iceberg. We’ll soon know more information about it in upcoming days.