Microsoft to bring Intelligent chat-bots into Cortana and Bing


Today, at the Build 2017 event Microsoft announced some big improvements are coming into the Cortana and Bing with the integrating intelligent chat-bots. Microsoft revealed the bots with Bot Framework are coming to Cortana, Bing, and Skype for Business.

This means that we will soon see intelligent chat-bots doing some fabulously things. For example they can track your order from Amazon, order pizza or to book movie tickets and more. Well you can compare them with the Google Assistant. But company is also planning something bigger with it.

In addition they also integrating payment request API into the Bot Framework. This API will allow developers to built-in shopping experience into their bots. For example, if you are using any Movie booking bot, then such bot can use Microsoft’s Payment Request API to give you an offer and it will also have your payment information from your Microsoft Account. And you can easily book tickets with just one tap.

Though, first Microsoft will bring some intelligent chat-bots into Cortana and Bing and then other developers can make such bots and reduce our efforts. We’ll soon see first intelligent chatbots, maybe with the Windows 10 Redstone 3 which is scheduled for the September 2017.

You think bringing intelligent Stay tune to Insiders Arena for more updates.