Microsoft has announced several new updates for Microsoft Flow


Yesterday, Microsoft announced several new updates for Microsoft Flow. It is a workflow automation service. Microsoft Flow now supports Microsoft Forms, email notifications on flow failures and more.

Last week itself the company added the new error handling actions and now they are launching Flow failure emails that will be sent automatically. In addition, these failure emails will only be sent once a week, but if don’t want to bunch of emails at the same time so you can configure it to get notified on every single Failure.

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Now, you can take a list of records and send them in a single email or to a single file would appear in the HTML or CSV table using the new Select action.

They added Microsoft Forms for support. With Microsoft Forms and Flow you can do simple things like get an email notification when a survey is filled out. PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are now included with the Office 365 Enterprise K1 plan as well. At last, they have also made it easier to fill out the headers section of the HTTP action.