Microsoft to announce new hybrid Windows Mixed Reality game soon


Microsoft just announced their plans for the Windows Mixed Reality ecosystem. Along with the new Mixed Reality hardware Microsoft reveal that they are working with so many partners to bring more and more mixed reality content to Windows Store.

Upcoming Windows Reality headset will run at 60 fps while they you connect them with Windows Mixed Reality PCs (90 fps with Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PCs). Just imagine the Forza Horizon game with Windows Mixed reality at 60-90 fps. Just imagine!.

The platform (Windows Mixed Reality) works by enabling applications in which the live presentation of physical real-world elements is incorporated with that of virtual elements (referred to as “holograms” by Microsoft) such that they are perceived to exist together in a shared environment.

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Microsoft right now working with 343 partners to built bright future of Windows Mixed Reality. The first wave of content partners include Next Reality, Hulu, Felix and Paul studios, Jaunt, Dark Legion, Orange, Sony Pictures and more. Steam already supports Vive, Rift and OSVR.

In case if you missed it Microsoft working on a new hybrid reality game for a long time. This could be the first game which will have support for Windows Mixed Reality. (Could be Halo) The new game is expected to have support for the new range of Mixed Reality headsets from the Acer and HP. Last week we’ve seen reports that Microsoft registered patent for a wand-like AR pointer hardware. This could be the part of the same thing too.

Microsoft yet to reveal more information about the concept of this new Mixed Reality game. We are expecting more news will be available after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update public roll out. But it is clear that Microsoft is being somewhat ambitious regarding this new technology on their platforms.