All major Windows 10 Mobile will remain on featureless Feature2 branch


I really hope that you are enjoying the current Windows 10 Mobile features. Because in yesterday’s webcast on mixer Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is not getting new features nor major improvements.

Actually company indirectly pointed this, during the webcast Windows Insider team members answers the questions posted by the community of insiders. A Windows Insider posted one of the most curious (awkward for Microsoft) question “When will Windows 10 Mobile gets new features and major improvements?”

Usually company avoid this type of question but company finally step forward and replied based on the current condition of Windows 10 Mobile. They explained Windows 10 Mobile will be on feature2 branch, and feature2 was initially thought to be a temporary branch for Windows Mobile, just like Windows 7.8, feature2 branch.

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Furthermore, they also said that the much excited Night Light feature is not the part of the roadmap of Windows 10 Mobile. So the future update will only bring bug fixes and other small necessary improvements. Furthermore, Microsoft to drop support for the Windows 8.1 mainframe from July 11 and earlier we already reveal that company to drop support for Siliverlight apps with upcoming windows 10 mobile build.

But as you know that the company is secretly working on refurbishment of Windows 10 Mobile both hardware and software with all new “CShell”. Maybe with the release of the CShell platform company put feature2 branch to main development. Take a note here that the Windows 10 Mobile do get the new feature which are based on enterprise. Well of course normal customer will find them boring. In Future with upcoming Windows 10 Mobile build it will get MDM management policies, improved VPN experiences, security and other enterprise related feature.

There is no offence in company is highly interested in the mobile platform, even the CEO Satya Nadella have so called “Ultimate Mobile Device” vision. Though, company have no plans to release the new mobile hardware by early 2018.

Is Windows 10 Mobile still your primary device? Are you about to switch the platform? Let us know in a comment below.