Live Lock Screen Beta app is returns to the Windows Store!


If you are real fan of Windows Phone you must remember the Live Lock Screen app developed by Microsoft with the one of the most popular Windows application developer Rudy Huyn.

Back in August 2014, Microsoft introduced Live Lock Screen app to the Windows Phone users. Later on Microsoft discontinued the app. But today all of sudden the app is back to Windows Store you can download it. The app includes all features and is fully operational. However the performance of it is not very good.

Furthermore, in the description of app they mentioned Windows 10 Mobile as Recommended and minimum system requirement along with Windows Phone 8.1. I download the app and the performance of it really really bad. It never start at the first attempt.

Live Lock Screen app Windows Phone

In case if you don’t know who is Rudy Huyn. Rudy is developer of some of the post popular application in Windows Store such as 6tin, 6tag. He also developed the 6snap – a snapchat app client which is discontinued later due to some privacy issue. Dropbox collaborated with Rudy to bring Universal Windows Platform app to Windows Store.

The real reason why Microsoft removed the app from Windows Store was the slowness of app and massive lag on lockscreen. We don’t understand why all of sudden the app is back for everyone via Windows Store. Maybe it’s just a matter of time till company figure out the issue.

With the demise of Windows Phone market it’s quite strange if Microsoft officially decide to bring back this app. Oh by the way if you are still using Windows Phone and want to try out Live Lock Screen app then you can get it from here via Windows Store.