LinkedIn Lite android app now available in India


Microsoft is launching a lite weight version of the LinkedIn app for users in India. Company specially build this app by targeting its 42 millions users in India. And now the Android version of LinkedIn Lite app available in the Play Store.

LinkedIn Lite offer most of the main LinkedIn features but reduces the amount of bandwidth required for it to function. The size of the app is less than 1 MB.

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The app is a lighter and faster version of the flagship LinkedIn app. It is data efficient and works well on the 2G network connection. The LinkedIn Lite feature like news feed, jobs, profile, access to your LinkedIn network, messaging, notifications and search. you can use easily these basics features even if your phone has limited storage capacity and slower internet connection.

Here are key features of LinkedIn Lite app

  • Search for people, alumni, seniors, jobs, and companies
  • See all types of jobs including government jobs, MNC jobs, fresher jobs or entry-level jobs, tech jobs, software jobs and more
  • Make useful connections with people who can help you find your dream job
  • Chat with your connections to get job referrals and career advice
  • Make your professional profile that shows your skills, education, projects, internships and work experience
  • Get the latest industry news and updates that can help you stay informed, interviews preparation, etc.

And in case if you missed it after pulling out LinkedIn silverlight app from Windows Store they finally launched Universal Windows Platform app for the Windows 10 users (not for mobile). Which will be available to all users by the end of this month. And company also planning to roll out the app in over 60 countries shortly. You can download the Android version of the LinkedIn Lite app from Play Store.