LinkedIn app gets crucial update for Windows 10 Mobile


Earlier this week we reported that the Microsoft pulled the LinkedIn app from the Windows Store.¬†But company haven’t made an official announcement of it.

Today number of users receiving the update for LinkedIn app on Windows 10 Mobile. When I went to the Windows Store I found one application with “Name not available” in the available update section. Actually I am using the LinkedIn on the device for a long time and didn’t uninstalled it.

For a moment I wasn’t so sure which app updated; but when I scroll through the app list I found a brand new logo of LinkedIn. Wooh! Company completely redesigned the app; the new app looks a lot like to the new design of the LinkedIn website. Here’s the first glimpse of the app.

The new app is much faster and better than the previous Silverlight Windows Phone app. The new interface and design is really catchy; and performance of app is really good. Maybe in future it will improve more. Though some of functionality is missing in app; e.g. you can’t change cover photo in app and some other sections still not available in the app. Maybe in future update they will add it.

After the¬†acquisition of LinkedIn; we actually hoped that Microsoft will launch the Universal Windows Platform app soon. And now it’s happening. But keep in mind that company haven’t made an official announcement of it yet.

In case if you are still wondering you can’t find the app from the Windows Store; even the link of the app will take you to 404. But if you already have the app installed; then you can just go to the update section and you will find an app with “Name not Available” in update section.

Let us know in a comment below whether you are able to get your hands on new LinkedIn app or not. Stay tune to Insiders Arena for more update.