HP to give up on Windows Phone, Elite x3 successor will have Android


One and only popular Windows Phone flagship HP Elite x3’s successor won’t come with Windows 10 Mobile. Yes HP is about to give up on Windows Phone.

The successor of HP Elite x3 will be powered by the Android. Though HP is still committed to the 3-in-1 enterprise mobility approach for it’s next flagship. A report from the DrWindows.de suggests that the HP is “experimenting very intensively with Android” for next flagship.

Image source: wheelsandchips.com

Since Microsoft already given up on the Windows Phone, so this news should of course not be surprising. Furthermore, Google’s Android already features Continuum-like features on many premium devices. And Microsoft has numerous apps available on Android and can manage Android devices without issue. While HP’s remote desktop software would run as well on Android as on Windows 10 Mobile.

And as you know Microsoft have no plans to bring any new features or to launch new Windows 10 Mobile anytime soon. Though, they are working on some enterprise related features for Windows 10 Mobile but those will not make every user happy.

The future of Windows 10 Mobile will die with the featureless feature2 branch. The development of Windows 10 Mobile would not be moving to a new from feature2 branch. There is no doubt that company is heavily interested in the mobile business. Some reports suggests that next mobile device from company will be running on Andromeda OS; a version of Windows that aims to be modular enough to run on any form factor. But none of the existing Windows Phone will get this update. There will be an “ultimate device” for it.

But judging the current situation, as Microsoft doomed Windows 10 Mobile, it makes no sense for any OEMs to build a new Windows Phone. Are you still using Windows 10 Mobile as primary device? Are you still hoping for the mysterious Surface Phone?