Guest access feature now available in Microsoft Teams


Microsoft was planning to add guest access feature for Microsoft Teams by the end of June. But due to same issue it delayed. And now finally the company has finally updated Microsoft Teams with the support of guest access.

The “Guest Access” feature will allow admin to gives an access to users who are not part of the organization. A guest will also able to communicate and interact with organization in different way. In addition, these guests will be able to join meetings, take calls and collaborate on documents shared within a team.

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This new feature on Microsoft Teams will need an Azure Active Directory account. With this account, users can become a member as a guest in Teams. Microsoft Teams users can easily manage these accounts and get enterprise grade security. Office 365 will also manage these guest accounts. Of course at any moment, IT Pros will be able to revoke or change access for guests.

Currently, the company is working to add guest access support for the regular Microsoft Accounts. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you will directly to create a free account using the email address with or Microsoft has constantly added new features to the Microsoft Teams app. This latest guest access feature allows admin to add company’s outside users and these accounts need some form of Azure Directory accounts.

The company says that the Microsoft Teams has been used by 125,000 organizations since its launch and giving tough competition to Slack. Do let us know in a comment below if you find any other major changes in Microsoft Teams app. Stay tuned to Insiders Arena for more updates.